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This space shows our ideas for future projects.

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Water's Reflects

The transformation of the sound of the sea into the melodies and sonorities of Martinú's Duo for Violin and Cello No.1, Sofia Goubaldulina Rejoice, and Jessy Mongomery Duo for Violin and Cello.

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This project delves into tradition. The programme focuses on two regions that musically have many similarities: Spanish music and Hungarian music. In the 20th century, the figure of Zoltán Kodály was a pioneer, together with Bártok, in recovering all that music of the rural world and fusing it with the classical-contemporary language. Manuel de Falla, on the other hand, together with a generation of composers such as Albéniz, Granados, Turina and Rodrigo, would do the same in Spain. 
This is why, for this programme, both cultures will coexist, as well as composers who were inspired by them for their compositions. 

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